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The Pregnancy Program

The Pregnancy Program is an expert led program offering follow along workout videos, specifically designed and suited to every week and stage of your pregnancy; so you can build strength, and support your body and baby in the best way through pregnancy 

About the Pregnancy Program!

Firstly congratulations and welcome to your strength program throughout your pregnancy. The idea for The Pregnancy Program was born through my previous two pregnancies, where I longed for workouts that not only complimented the stage of pregnancy I was in according to week and not trimester, but also a program that meant I could build strength and focus on areas that typically weaken so I know I am supporting my body in the best way I can when growing a baby.

This a one stop shop for pregnant mothers who want to train week by week and stay strong through

their pregnancy. The program mirrors my own pregnancy and offers appropriate workouts for each 

week of your pregnancy, starting from 10 weeks but you can join at any stage and enter at the week

you are at!


This program is for you if...

  • You want expert guidance through workouts that you can do in each and every stage of pregnancy                                                                 and every fitness level

  • You are looking for a suitable workout plan that meets you where you are at in your pregnancy journey so you have confidence knowing that every workout is supporting your body in the right way, at that exact stage 

  • You are struggling to find workouts which are specific to each week of pregnancy, not just the general trimester of pregnancy - because the way you feel at the beginning of trimester 3 may not be the same by the end of the trimester!

  • You want to build strength in areas that typically weaken in pregnancy so you can train to support your body the best way for pregnancy and birth

  • You want to set yourself and your body up in the best way possible for birth and your recovery postnatally

  • You want assistance with technique to ensure that as your body changes and the baby grows, you're adapting your form accordingly throughout

  • You want additional resources to help through pregnancy - including stretch sessions and exercises to assist with common pregnancy related aches and pains including pelvic girdle and lower back (SI joint) pain

  • You want flexibility to workout at your own pace according to your energy levels, knowing that when it feels the right time to exercise you have workouts ready and waiting for you for that moment 

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Join The Pregnancy Program

If this is you, then here is what you can expect 

  • The program offers a focused approach to building strength in all the key areas we need to support the body through pregnancy, helping with pelvic floor and core strength, staying fit through gentle cardio and aid in birth preparation and postnatal recovery and filmed for each week and stage of pregnancy from 10 weeks, to meet you wherever you are at in your pregnancy journey

  • Appropriate for all levels of fitness, each workout is roughly 20-30 minute in length and depending on the week you join you will have options of either full body workouts, lower body and upper & core workouts. All of which can be done from home using minimal equipment. Any modifications are clearly stated to make exercises easier or more challenging throughout. 

  • There is also a hub of additional resources to help with common aches and pains, stretch sessions and exercise technique videos is also available for you to use throughout the program 

"This program meets you where you’re at in your pregnancy, and gives you all the resources you need to build strength and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy"

3 Simple Steps to Get Started & Build Strength
Here is How it all Works 



Start Here

When you sign up to the program, you will have immediate access to the compulsory ‘Start Here’ section which runs through all the basics that you need to exercise safely through pregnancy as well as how to best use this program


Choose the Training Week according to your stage in Pregnancy

Choose the block of training that corresponds to your week and stage in pregnancy (for example if you are 14 weeks, you would join in Block 2 which covers weeks 14-17 of pregnancy) and start the workouts, so the program meets you where you are at in your pregnancy journey


Build Strength & Support your Body through Pregnancy

 Each workout is repeated twice over the 4 week block to help with muscle adaptation and consistency (for example, week 14 & 16 sessions are the same), but dont worry if you do each one once, thats the beauty of the program, you take it at your own pace

Join The Pregnancy Program

Pregnancy Program FAQs

Click here to access the frequently asked questions I get about The Pregnancy Program

The subscription also gives you ful access to the online workout chacnnel you can explore here