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Texting & Drinking Coffee with a Stroller

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Who else texts and and drinks coffee whilst walking with the buggy?

So often mums come to me with sore wrists, and I'm not saying this is the sole cause, but often this is exacerbated when pushing the stroller with one hand, holding a coffee cup or their phone in the other. When we twist the buggy around corners, bump it up onto pavements, walk along cobbles and gravel only using one hand...then add the weight of the buggy and baby and anything else you're carrying in the basket underneath - all the weight and pressure goes into one wrist. The wrist is a very delicate joint which if twisted and turned at strange angles by the buggy can cause quite a bit of strain.

So if you're heading out for your daily walk and grabbing a coffee, here are some top tips to keep your wrists protected:

  1. Make sure you have a cup holder attached to the buggy - I know the coffee can still spill with these so

  2. Shove a bit of tissue in the top to stop it spilling when going over bumps

  3. The little wooden stick you get in the shops works well for this too

  4. Wait until you’re on a straight, smooth surface like in a park or pavement where you can go one handed with no twists and turns

  5. For those who call when out with the buggy, try and use a headset to avoid you having to hold the phone

  6. For those texting, try dictating the messages or voice notes so you can chat into the headset as opposed to holding the phone again

Just try and avoid using one hand!

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