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Anyone else not feeling their workout today?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I am only human! Of course I’m not feeling it sometimes either.

I’m a terribly light sleeper so I wake up multiple times a night. It's more than just babies who sound the alarm, toddler night terrors and someone 5 streets over slamming a door... I wake up to every little thing!

Then, of course like everyone - when I sleep badly, I struggle to get up and get motivated to work out before the babies wake (which is when I tend to workout) so instead of just a blanket no, roll over and back to sleep, I roll out of bed onto my gym mat and do some light stretching, mobility work or even try 1 set each of my 3 circuits I had planned.

If that fails, I aim to fit in a 20 minute workout when Sienna has a nap or when I’m between clients.

Here are some of my greatest motivators to get me working out, and yes, these are such tiny things, but they really do help!

  1. I make sure my mat is laid out ready to go, so that the second Sienna falls asleep I can get straight to my intended workout, without getting distracted and losing time.

  2. I get up and into gym gear so I’m ready to go when I get a spare moment!

  3. If you are worried about sweating and needing a shower, factor that into your workout. If you know you only have 30 minutes, workout for 20 and allow time to shower for the last 10.

  4. Reduce your rest times between sets to ramp up the intensity to really get the most out of your workout.

  5. Remember one set is better than no sets, that ten minute walk is better than no walk! Every few minutes of exercise, no matter how short or long it is will make a difference

  6. You’ll feel amazing after, I know this may seem like a useless tip but its true, the way you'll feel after a blast of fresh air on a walk or doing a few sets of your workout will help release endorphins - happy hormones!

Every bit of work you put in, is more than if you did nothing at all. These small steps build up up to a happier, healthier you.

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