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Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions that I receive about The Pregnancy Program. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact page or email me at

What equipment do I need?

Throughout the program you will need a mix of:

  • One or two sets of dumbbells (one lighter and one heavier)

  • Two short loop resistance bands - one light and one medium

Good to haves include:

  • A pilates ball which can be substituted for a firm scatter cushion

  • A small step such as a toddler step or aerobics step

  • A chair


I haven't exercised like this before and just starting out in my pregnancy

Welcome to the world of strength & resistance training in pregnancy! The NHS recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week including 3 sessions a week with resistance, and these will definitely count towards that, and more!


The workouts are designed for all levels of fitness in pregnancy, whether you have exercised before or just starting, it is why I suggest you have two different weight ranges so you can modify with heavier or lighter weights depending on energy, and experience. NEVER feel pressured to use resistance and you can perform the workouts using just bodyweight.


I haven't exercised at all since finding out I was pregnant, can I really just jump in?

Dont worry if you haven't exercised since finding out you were pregnant. This is the case for many of us due to tiredness, anxiety and nausea. Its why the program starts from 10 weeks as realistically, before that, exercise should be gentle and more infrequent to honour your energy levels. 

The program is designed in a way to introduce you into pregnancy safe and specific exercise if you took some time off. As you work through the blocks the workouts can build in intensity, but there is never any pressure to use resistance nor do things like the 'Optional Finisher'. You build strength from the get go, but at your own pace.  


How do I know these workouts are safe to do during my pregnancy?

Unless you have contraindications to exercise explained to you by your consultant/GP, then the workouts are safe for during pregnancy, right up until your due date. It is important to follow the workouts according to the corresponding week you are in. The workouts are clearly labeled according to weeks and blocks of pregnancy but if you have any doubt, please message me or check with you consultant/GP. 


Please also refer to the 'About Me' section where you can read more about the qualifications I hold to train you in pregnancy.


What order should I do the workouts in?

Begin with the 'Start Here' section where you will learn about the program, the format and also the basic techniques you will need to know before starting the program. Once you have finished those videos, you can jump in at whatever week you are at in your pregnancy. 

For example, if you are currently 15 weeks pregnant, then begin with the 'Start Here' Section and once you have completed that, you will join at Block 2 which covers Weeks 14-17 of pregnancy and start with the Week 15 workouts. Weeks 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 of each block are the same, so you will still get the opportunity to do the workouts from week 14 in week 16.


Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, after the 7 day free trial, you can cancel the rolling subscription or pause it whenever you like, there is no minimum term. You will have access until the end of that payment month. To cancel the subscription, please follow these steps:

From a laptop

Log in using your email & password  > go to "My Subscriptions" > select the drop down arrow next to "Online Workout Plan" > select "Cancel Subscription" 

From a mobile

Log in using your email & password  > select the drop down menu arrow next to 'My Account'go to "My Subscriptions" > select the drop down arrow next to "Online Workout Plan" > select "Cancel Subscription" 

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