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Advanced Postnatal Challenge

A 12-week advanced challenge for mothers looking for the next step in their exercise journey 

Designed to help mothers effectively elevate their fitness levels, build strength, and keep up with the demands of motherhood


Welcome to The Advanced Postnatal Challenge!

This program is designed and recommended for mums who have either completed The Postnatal Program or have built strong exercise foundations after birth and feel ready for the next challenge!


If you've mastered the basics and are seeking to maintain consistency with exercise, accountability with community support and weekly check ins with Georgy, all while building strength, then this challenge is perfect for you! 


This 12-Week Challenge uses advanced workout classes ranging from 20-30 minutes in length which will help elevate your fitness levels now you've passed the initial postnatal stages and help you form a strong routine with exercise. With a focus on progressive challenges, each workout is repeated twice over a 4 week block, so your body adapts and you continue to see improvements in your strength, endurance, and overall fitness throughout the 12 weeks.

Program Structure:

The program is divided into 3 phases, each lasting four weeks. Each phase progressively increases in intensity and complexity.

Each Week Includes:

  • 3 x Strength and/or Strength & Cardio Training Sessions 

  • 1 x Mini workout for days you're stuck for time 

  • 1 x Stretch Session 

  • Unlimited access to the additional workouts on The Online Workout Channel


Join us on a rolling monthly basis of €30 (cancel anytime) and lets elevate your postnatal fitness together!



This program is for you if...

  • You have started your postnatal return to exercise journey but ready for the next step

  • You want to prioritise your health and fitness first and need 

  • You have formed a routine with exercise and want to maintain it, or ready to start one and need guidance 

  • You want a structured program to follow at your own pace

  • You want accountability from an expert you can report back too on your progress with weekly check ins

  • You want to continue to stay strong and keep up with the physical demands of being a mother
  • You are perhaps looking to lose a bit of weight after baby

  • You want workouts you can do from home, with minimal equipment all whilst still getting results 

  • You want a program that delivers results

Ashling K, The Advanced Postnatal Challenge

"The advanced post natal programme has helped me to be accountable and stay on track when it comes to getting some consistency into my weekly workouts. It’s important to do something that’s just for me to help find my sense of self and identity as a new mother. Georgy is so kind and encouraging and a great motivator which means that even on the weeks where naps aren’t happening, baby is teething and cranky that I try and squeeze in a workout when I can. Discovering Georgy’s programmes has been one of the highlights of my maternity leave and I really hope I can continue to use her as a fantastic resource to stay consistent accountable now that I’m back in work."

Join a supportive community of mums for an advanced strength focused challenge, specifically designed for the postnatal mother looking to elevate their fitness and keep up with the demands of motherhood 

Join The Advanced Postnatal Challenge

If you feel like you're not ready for the advanced challenge yet, have a look at The Postnatal Program here

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