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The Pregnancy Program

The Pregnancy Program is an access anytime, expert led program offering follow along workout videos, specifically designed and suited to every week and stage of your pregnancy

About the Pregnancy Program

Welcome to your strength program throughout your pregnancy! A one-stop-shop for pregnant mothers who want to train week by week, build strength and support your body and baby in the best way through pregnancy. The program offers appropriate workouts for each week of your pregnancy on a rolling monthly membership, starting from 10 weeks, but you can join at any stage and enter at the week you are at currently. 


The idea for The Pregnancy Program was born through my own exercise experiences in my previous two pregnancies, as well as tried and tested methods I have used to help countless clients stay fit and strong through their pregnancies. I longed for a tailored program that would compliment the exact week of pregnancy I was in, not just the trimester. A plan that would help me build strength to grow and carry a baby through the marathon of pregnancy; help deal with common pregnancy aches & pains; prepare my body for labour, birth and postnatal recovery - a lot to ask maybe!? So that is why I have designed this program; to address exactly these wants and needs, during my third and current pregnancy.

Pregnancy does not mean you have to scale back, in fact you can build the strongest version of you yet during pregnancy, all from home.


.This program is for you if...

  • You want to stay fit and healthy, setting yourself and your body up in the best way possible for birth and your recovery postnatally

  • You want to support your body to move pain free through pregnancy whilst building strength every step of the the way using expert guided workouts suited to every fitness level

  • You are looking for a suitable workout plan that meets you where you are at in your pregnancy journey, not generic pregnancy workouts, so you have confidence knowing that every workout is supporting your body in the right way, at that exact stage 

  • You want assistance with technique to ensure that as your body changes and the baby grows, you're adapting your form accordingly throughout

  • You want additional stretch sessions and exercises to assist with common pregnancy related aches and pains including pelvic girdle and lower back pain

  • You want flexibility to workout at your own pace, according to your energy levels, knowing that when it feels the right to exercise, you have workouts ready and waiting for you for at that moment 




Join The Pregnancy Program

Here is what you can expect on the program

  • Follow along workout videos which focus on full body strength, staying fit through gentle cardio and aid in birth preparation and postnatal recovery

  • Short but effective 20-30 minute workouts, all of which can be done from home using minimal equipment

  • Help with common pregnancy aches and pains, stretch sessions and exercise technique videos 

  • Confidence knowing you are supporting your body the best way throughout pregnancy 

  • Full access to the Online Workout Channel for additional workouts you can do to compliment your training outside the program

This program meets you where you’re at in your pregnancy, and gives you all the resources you need to build strength and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy

3 simple steps to get started today



Start Here

Sign up and gain immediate access to the ‘Start Here’ section running through all the basics you need to exercise safely through pregnancy and how to best use this program


Choose the Training Block according to your Week in Pregnancy

Choose the block of training that corresponds to your week in pregnancy and start exercising straight away


Build Strength & Support your Body

 Each workout is repeated twice over each 4 week block to help with muscle adaptation and consistency, so you can build strength over your pregnancy

Read what my clients have to say:

Lara, Pregnancy Training 

"I found the transition from gym training to prenatal training quite difficult, both mentally & physically, but Georgy has been so kind, empathetic & encouraging throughout it has hugely helped me. Her workouts are safely challenging & I love how she changes it up to tailor to my needs. She's giving me a lot of confidence in prep for our second baby's arrival due in September - the breathing technique & core engagement learning is brilliant. Highly recommend Georgy"

Got a Question?

Click here to access the frequently asked questions I get asked about The Pregnancy Program or drop me an email

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