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New Beginnings

An Early Postnatal Exercise Program 


Designed using gentle techniques to help you reconnect with your body after birth, and prepare you for exercising again in the future


Referred to as the "Fourth Trimester" for a reason, it takes time to navigate life with your new baby and with everything going on, we can often feel lost or disconnected with our own body. Using gentle techniques, this mini program is designed to help you engage and reconnect with the body again after birth and prepare you exercising again, when you are ready for the next step


In the early postnatal stages, I recommend the following areas to focus on for your recovery:


  1. Resting & Healing 

  2. Optimal Breathing

  3. Gentle Mobility

  4. Pelvic Floor connection

  5. Deep Core Connection & Core Rehab 


Leaving the resting and healing to you, let this program help cover the rest!

.This program is for you if...

  • You have recently given birth and are looking for some gentle movement

  • You are recovering post birth and want some exercises to do, but not sure what is safe

  • You want short videos (all 10 mins in long) which you can do anywhere and anytime

  • You want clear, follow along videos to cover everyting you need to know  


Start New Beginnings for €15

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