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Postnatal Program

Six Weeks to Strong: a Postnatal Core and Strength Program


A pilates & strength focused program specifically designed for the postnatal mother looking to re-enter the world of exercise and begin the journey to feeling like 'you' again!

Leg Raise

Welcome to The Postnatal Program

I'm so glad you're here and choosing a structured way to re-enter the world of exercise after birth. The postnatal period is very difficult to navigate and when it comes to returning to exercise, it can be very confusing, so where do you start?


This step-by-step program will remove any confusion as it supports your body the best way after birth using short workouts which can be done from home. Designed on the back of my three postnatal recoveries, it combines different disciplines including pilates, strength and cardio exercises so you can be the strongest version of you yet, after birth. 


Keep and repeat the workouts at anytime as once purchased, the program is yours to enjoy forever

You can buy the program for a one off price €180 or choose the payment plan of 3 x payments of €60, taken every 2 weeks

This program is for you if...

  • You need somewhere to start but dont know where or how*

  • You want to form a routine with exercise but not sure how alongside busy life with a baby

  • You want accountability from an expert you can report back too after each workout for any queries and weekly check ins

  • You want to feel like 'you' again and keep up with the physical demands of being a mother

  • You want to reduce common postnatal aches and pains and future proof your pelvic floor and core

  • You are perhaps looking to lose a bit of weight after baby

  • You want short workouts you can keep and repeat forever 

  • You want workouts you can do with minimal equipment from home, in the shortest, most time efficient way to work around your busy schedule 

  • You want a program that delivers results, workout after workout, so you can see and feel your body becoming yours again

*This program is suitable for any postnatal mother from 6+ weeks (vaginal delivery)/ 10+ weeks (cesarean) to anytime thereafter; be it 6 months or 6 years! The program is not suitable if you currently have abdominal separation/diastasis recti and please ensure you have been signed off by your healthcare provider or women's health physio to exercise before starting the program


Start The Postnatal Program

This program is designed to not only kickstart your exercise regime after birth, but help you feel like 'you' again

Here is what you can expect on the program

  • Short, but effective 20-30 minute workouts, all of which can be done from home using minimal equipment

  • Check in with me anytime for tips & help

  • A mixture of core, overall strength and cardio

  • The course is progressive so designed to get you results, both physically and visually.

  • Work on strengthening the core through Pilates inspired exercises - strengthening these areas can help with back pain and pelvic floor weakness to name a few benefits!

  • Basic equipment you need is:
    • 2 x Weights - anything from 3-5kg
    • 2 x Short loop resistance bands - 1 light, 1 medium

  • Optional but not necessary extras:
    • Toddler/small step 
    • Small pilates ball

Read what my previous clients have to say:

Lexie L, 6 Weeks to Strong Participant Jan 2024

This program was honestly brilliant from start to finish. I felt super motivated thanks to Georgy, and the community she put together. It was great to feel part of a team and to compare notes after each workout. The accountability was there but without too much pressure. The workouts have been great - the right balance of pushing me as well as gently reintroducing exercise post baby (and unplanned c section). It has given me more confidence to get back up and running and I feel so much better in myself already. I will definitely be continuing with Georgy's workouts after the program has finished as they are tailored so perfectly for busy life with children. Perfectly timed for that opportunity during nap time or after bedtime (or an episode of paw patrol). Thank you SO much Georgy!!!

Start The Postnatal Program Today for €180 or 3 x payments of €60

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