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The 6 Week Postnatal Program

The 6 Week Postnatal Program is specifically designed for the postnatal mother looking to re-enter the world of exercise and begin the journey to feeling like 'you' again!


About the 6 Week Postnatal Program

***Next Group Program Starting 2nd May***

The idea for The 6 Week Postnatal Program was born through my own exercise experiences after the birth of my two daughters. I wanted a step-by-step approach back into exercise after birth, so I would soon feel like my body was 'mine' again. I longed for a tailored program, nothing generic, to ensure I was supporting my body the best way after birth, and ease myself back into exercise in a time efficient way to work around the baby. A program that meant I could get back to the style of exercise I did pre-pregnancy, without doing myself harm in the process.

There are both Self-Led and Group options available. Self led you complete in your own time, the group options are specific to a 6 week timed block.

The next group program starts 2nd May and you can sign up here

.This program is for you if...

  • You are looking to kickstart your exercise regime after baby (whether your are 6 weeks, months or years postnatal*)

  • You are perhaps looking lose a bit of weight after baby

  • You want to feel like 'you' again and in control of your own body

  • You want workouts you can do with minimal equipment from home, in the shortest, most time efficient way to work around your busy schedule 

  • You want check ins and accountability from an online coach 

  • You want a program that delivers results, workout after workout, so you can see and feel your body becoming yours again

  • You want strength program that focuses on your inner strength (core) as well as outer strength (all over!) so you can keep up with the physical demands of being a mother

  • You want to reduce and ease back and shoulder pain, typical areas of pain in the postnatal stages

  • You JUST need somewhere to start!

*This program is suitable for any postnatal mother from 6 weeks (vaginal delivery)/ 8-10 weeks (cesarean) to anytime thereafter, if you have no abdominal separation/diastasis recti, you have been signed off by your GP/pelvic health physio to exercise and feel right in yourself to exercise again.  



Join The 6 Week Postnatal Program

This program is designed to not only kickstart your exercise regime after birth, but help you feel like 'you' again in the safest, most sustainable way

Here is what you can expect on the program

  • Short, but effective 20-30 minute workouts, all of which can be done from home using minimal equipment

  • Check in with me anytime for tips & help

  • A mixture of core, overall strength and a little bit of (low impact) cardio

  • The course is progressive so designed to get you results, both physically and visually. You will build on the foundations of the previous workouts so you can feel yourself getting stronger every step. Follow each step in order and repeat workouts where necessary.

  • Work on strengthening the core through Pilates inspired exercises - strengthening these areas can help with back pain and pelvic floor weakness to name a few benefits!

  • Basic equipment you need is:
    • 2 x Weights - anything
    from 2-3kg OR two large water bottles
    • 2 x Short loop resistance bands - 1 light, 1 medium

Read what my previous clients have to say:

Erin, 6 Week Postnatal Program Participant 

"I have found Georgy super supportive and the postnatal programme so worthwhile! My core muscles were non-existent post pregnancy so I was anxious about getting back into exercise but the programme is so well paced and builds up slowly! I’m really glad I signed up!"

Explore The 6 Week Postnatal Program Options Now

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