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The Postnatal Strength & Core Program


Welcome to The Postnatal Program This program is suitable for any postnatal mother. Anything from 6 weeks (vaginal delivery)/ 10 weeks (cesarean) to anytime thereafter, if you have no abdominal separation/diastasis recti, you have been signed off by your GP/pelvic health physio to exercise and feel right in yourself to exercise again. What to expect: • The course will be a mixture of core, overall strength and a little bit of (low impact) cardio. • We work on pelvic floor and core connection through pilates inspired exercises - strengthening these areas can help with back pain and pelvic floor weakness to name a few benefits! • Strength training with a technique check points • 18 follow along videos which I recommend you split into 3 workouts a week, over 6 weeks - but take it at your own pace and repeat sessions where you feel necessary. 18 rest day activities too! • The course is progressive - building on the foundations of the previous exercises as we go along. Follow each step in order and repeat workouts where necessary to build up overall body strength in the correct and SAFE way to avoid injury • Each video varies from 20-30 minutes so fits around your busy schedule • Check in with me anytime for tips & help Equipment needed for the workouts: • 1 x exercise mat • 2 x Short loop resistance bands - 1 light, 1 medium • 1 x pair of weights - anything from 2-3kg OR two large water bottles Good luck, but most importantly, enjoy the journey!

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The Postnatal Program

The Postnatal Program

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